How does the leaderboard game work?

The leaderboard, which is displayed after you answer a question, shows you up-to-the-minute scores for the top learners within your team, your team region, as well as team competitions. You earn points by answering questions – more for correct answers than incorrect answers.


How are points awarded?

You receive 50 points for questions answered correctly and 30 points for questions answered incorrectly. Partial points are awarded for multiple correct answer (MCA) questions.


Why do others have more points than me?

All learners have the same questions and an equal opportunity to earn points. Learners with the most correct responses accumulate the most points. Therefore learners who respond to their questions quickly will generally be ahead on the leaderboards because they get to more questions sooner. However, others may catch up towards the end of the course.


How do I move up in rank?

The best way to improve your rank is to respond to questions when you receive the email notification. The person who retires the most questions will have the highest leaderboard score.


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